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Use of spanner wrench


Use of spanner wrench

The method of using the adjustable spanner wrench wrench is as follows:

1. An adjustable wrench consists of a wrench body, fixed jaws, movable jaws and a worm. The size of the opening can be adjusted within a certain range through the worm.

2. When using, adjust the size of the wrench according to the parts to be screwed, and there should be no gaps to prevent slipping and damage to the parts.

3. When using, make the opening line of the wrench parallel to the hexagonal side of the nut. Do not start with the wrench on the hex side of the nut as this will damage the part.

4. Do not use a large wrench to tighten small screws.

5. Do not reverse the direction, let the fixed jaw bear the main force, and prevent the loose movable jaw from causing personal injury and component damage.

6. An adjustable wrench is an adjustable wrench. Do not use it as a hammer tool, and do not extend the handle of the spanner wrench at will.

7. Do not stand in the direction of force when using to prevent personal injury caused by improper force.

8. Clean the spanner wrench with alcohol or rust remover after use. Prevent rust and cause inconvenience in use.

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